Muskopf Painting News

I'm starting a new section of the site today, sort of a "blog".
You can visit it here: 
I posted three new paintings today.  Two of which are from a new series of autumn
pictures which I've begun.  I have many others underway and hope to have them
finished in the next few months.
I just posted two new paintings which were painted on my Florida Keys trip. 
I love their peaceful nature and every time I look at them I get a craving
to go back to the islands. 
The month of July brought more changes to my household, with us finding
a new house, buying it, putting our present house on the market and selling it.
It's been a whirlwind!  We will be closing in two weeks or so and moving this 
month.  The tempest continues!
Wow, it's been a long 2 and a half months!  I've switched teaching positions and have
spent a lot of time dealing with this issue.  It's finally settled and I jaunted off to the
Florida Keys with my family as soon as school was out.  I shot a huge amount of 
photos, which are the inspiration for a new section of this site, "Photo Journeys".  I've
been building new panels for paintings and will jump into new works created from the
Florida photos as well as from paintings created on site around my corner of Ohio.  Mr.
Kleinman has a new feature on his web site where you can get a peek inside the gallery
where you can see groupings of my work hung in the gallery.  It's nice to see them together.
The Kismet Gallery in Toledo is opening up a second location and I encourage everyone
in that area to go and visit.  The Rutledge Gallery in Dayton is showing some of my
larger beach paintings.  Very appropriate for summer!
I wish you all well and hope you have a peaceful and productive summer.
I just got back from a trip to Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and was really excited
with the images I was able to capture with my camera.  I decided that it would be much
more efficient to take as many quality pictures as I could this year and paint with those
and my memory as reference, instead of actually lugging all my painting gear to Tennessee.
In this way, I was able to travel about much more and will have a wider assortment of
subject matter to choose from for paintings than if I would've spent the good 3 or 4 days
painting (well, beginning anyway) one picture per day.  Expect to see some mountains in 
the near future.
1-4-05  2005! We've made it through another one!  My biggest hope for the coming
year is that we all find the peace we are looking for--there is such a huge need
for it considering all the turbulence (natural and man-made) occurring in the world.
I've just finished another trio of paintings, this time a series of river views.  High
keyed colors with prominent textures continue to dominate the pictures.  I've
been thinking a bit of Japanese prints in the composition of these newer works,
particularly in the diptych "Swiftly Running".  I've got the next few paintings planned
out and hope to continue this very productive roll I've been on.  Creating nine paintings
in two months is a bit unusual for me, but it's been really satisfying to be able to
immerse myself in the work like this.
12-16-04  I've just finished another group of paintings.  I really feel like I've found the
balance that I've been working towards.  I'm very happy with these pictures.  They
just glow.
12-2-04 I've just finished 3 new paintings. I'm happy with the bold colors of the newer work and
plan to pursue this use of very saturated color while still creating paintings with a good amount
of depth.  The emphasis, as always, is on color and texture!
11-10-04  The article on me in Art Business News is now online.  You can
see it at
The opening at Dick Kleinman Fine Art went very well.  The show looks great! I'd like to
thank Mr. Kleinman and his associates for another wonderful display. 
Art Business News Magazine featured me in their "Originals" section in their October issue.
For the last few weeks I've spent most of my time getting ready for the exhibitions at Dick Kleinman
Fine Art and the Dublin Arts Center, as well as sending six new paintings to the Rutledge Gallery.
I'm hoping to be able to begin some new paintings soon.
I'm also excited about the onset of autumn.  I recently purchased a Canon 20D digital SLR camera
and hope to put it to good use taking resource photos for new paintings as well as new photos
for my photo galleries.  I've been really happy with it so far.  Just about all the photos I'll be posting
from now on except for the macro shots will be taken with the Canon 20D.
Today I posted 6 new paintings in the 2004 gallery.  I've been getting paintings ready for the
two shows coming up soon.  My show at Dick Kleinman will be a big show (30+ paintings)
and I'll be sending many of my favorite paintings there.  The show with the Dublin Arts Council
will be at the Dublin Government Center from November-January and will consist of 10 paintings
and 10 photographs.  I'm excited about both shows and hope to see you at the opening of
the Dick Kleinman Show on October 9.  I'll be there and will be demonstrating my painting
technique all day.