My interest in photography began as a way to better facilitate
my painting career.  This interest has grown into a form
of expression unto itself. 




Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version of the photograph.


Bee on Allium Bee and lavender Peony Hoverfly on lavender
Bee in Flight Carpenter Bee Iris Iris
Iris Iris Iris Iris
June Bug Hammer and Nails paint brush Iris
048 Rose 011 002
Tulips Tulips Bleeding Heart Ants  
Daffodils Cherry Blossoms Residue Entering a Petunia  
Green Diving into Yellow Augochlora Green Metallic Bee Green Bottle Fly Shasta Daisies  
Tulip Petals Toad Rose Blossom Intimate  
Iris Fuschia Explosion Rose Detail Daffodil with Water Drops  
Daffodil Nestled in Red Screw Blue Hope  
Needle and Thread Cat Nose 37 Cent Patriot Lace and Eyelet  
Emerging Crocus Head First Close Welk Satellites  
Opening Soon What are YOU Looking At? Violet Explosion Curly Tailed Beast  
Yellow Softness Wandering Bee White Waves Twice as Crabby  
Sunflowers Bumble on a Bed of Pink Mums In the Eye of My Son  
Iris with Raindrops Lily Lollipop Petal Texture Sally in the Land of Liquor  
Petal Landscape Hover Fly Funky Little Fly Swimming in a Sea of Pink (Bee on Stonecrop)  
Green on Green Yellow Perch Bee on Gaillardia Peeking Fly  
Emerald Bee Spider Eyes Defender Torch  
  Vinegar Fly on a Lily You Lookin' at Me?    




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